2019|Czech Republic|Czech, English subtitles| View Trailer

With their relationship under strain, Ellie (Kristýna Podzimková) and Adam (Aleš Bílík) go away for the weekend in order to reconnect. Driving through the Czech countryside, Ellie becomes more and more suspicious of Adam’s behaviour and, after recognising a necklace worn by a woman on a missing person poster, Ellie begins to realise that her suspicions may be far worse than she could ever have imagined.

Listen, the feature film debut from writer-director-producer duo David Lanka and Martin Mϋller, takes the viewer on a slow-burn trip of a long weekend that reveals more about each of the characters that neither could have predicted. As Ellie and Adam travel further away from the city, and with the expansive scenery around them, the couple can’t help but be trapped in their relationship, both desperate to break out.

Director:David Lanka, Martin Mϋller
Screenwriter: David Lanka, Martin Mϋller
Main Cast: Kristýna Podzimková, Aleš Bílík,
Producer: David Lanka, Martin Mϋller