Ikarie XB-1
Ikarie XB-1
Ikarie XB- 1
1963|Czechoslovakia|Czech, English subtitles| View Trailer

Available 1-14 December

Jindrich Polák’s Voyage to the End of the Universe (more commonly known by the Czech name Ikarie XB-1), is a pioneering piece of both cinema and the science-fiction genre. A retelling of acclaimed Polish writer Stanisław Lem’s novel ‘The Magellanic Cloud’, the film is set in the year 2163 wherein a mission to deep space is searching for alien life. As the crew travel further and further away from civilisation they are confronted with the world outside and the world of their own minds.

A seminal piece of work, Ikarie XB-1’s influence can be seen throughout sci-fi cinema and TV history from Stanley Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyssey to Star Trek. With stylised design and cinematography, the visuals are aided by the stunning score by  Zdeněk Liška and a strong cast. This copy comes to us digitally restored from the National Film Archive in Prague

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Director:Jindrich Polák
Main Cast: Zdenek Stepánek, Frantisek Smolík, Dana Medrická, Irena Kacírková, Radovan Lukavský, Otto Lackovic,